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The Euro Tools Concept

For a Sustainable Future

We are taking ever greater responsibility and  responding to the advice gap people are facing in a variety of ways. By supporting 3rd party companies through our platforms and associated services, we provide high quality face-to-face and telephony advice to customers. More broadly, we also provide proactive guidance and support.  We are always looking at ways to make sales easier and more inclusive. We use insight from our customers’ and clients’ to improve our services and products.

For the People By the People

We recognise that our customers could be facing personal challenges or difficulties in their personal lives. To ensure we identify and provide the right support and guidance to them, we’ve put in place our vulnerable customers policy. The policy focuses on areas such as the design and promotion of our products and propositions, communications and interactions with our customers, and the capability of our people, to ensure we are always focusing on our customers’ best interests.