Topmac Powered Reversible Drum Concrete Mixer

    Model: RDCM500-16DH(JZR500)
    Capacity of loading: 750L
    Capacity of discharging: 500L
    Water tank: 140L
    Capacity per hour: 18-22 m3/h
    Drum rotating speed: 13r.p.m
    Max.towing speed: 20km/h
    Power: 16kW
    Power source: Diesel engine, CHANGFA or YANMAR

    Mixing time: 46s
    Dimensions: 3750×2240×3800mm
    Weight: 2050kg
    Hopper lifting model: Hydraulic tipping hopper


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Diesel Engine Powered Reverse Drum Concrete Mixer

One time can mix 3 bags cement(150kg).The drum revolves for mixing and reverses for discharging.It is
of middle capacity,self-falling type,also suitable for mixing plastic and low-slump concrete.The aggregate size is
required to be smaller than 60mm.


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