Masalta MR72H Tamping Rammer

  • Shock Amplitude 40-80 mm
  • Impact Strength 1400 kgf
  • Sole Size 350×285 mm
  • Power 4 HP
  • Fuel Gasoline
  • Dimensions 43x76x102 cm
  • Frequency 640-680 / min
  • Weight 72 kg
  • Engine Model Honda GX120
  • Engine Type 4 Stroke / 1 Cylinder / Air Cooling Roping
  • Starter
  • Tank capacity 2.8 l
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  • Reliable four-stroke engine with low noise and noise emission
  • Ergonomic acceleration lever allowing fine engine speed control
  • The oversized damping system reduces user vibration levels, thus increasing operator comfort
  • Steel-backed stratified sapwood , prevents vibration transmission
  • Steel frame prevents accidental engine damage
  • The starter assembly protector protects against particles
  • Perfectly balanced, offers ideal compaction and good control over blows
  • The double air filter keeps dust from the worksite prolonging the life of the polyurethane bellows of high quality, manufactured in Germany
  • Resistant plastic container for long service life and protects against rust
  • Transport trolley (optional)


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