Masalta MDR65-5 Double Roller

  • Cylinder size 65×40 cm
  • Static linear force 54 N / cm
  • Centrifugal force 18 kN
  • Vibration frequency 3300 / min
  • Travel speed 0-60 m / min
  • Tank capacity 65 l
  • Power 11 HP
  • Diesel fuel
  • Weight 718 kg
  • Engine model Lombardini 15LD440
  • Electric starting system


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  • Fast access to the engine
  • Stalling mechanical brake
  • Strong steering control levers
  • Vibration damping
  • System Ergonomic control system with backward safety switch
  • Ergonomic handle with height adjustment for comfort in operation and transport simplification
  • Self cleaning scoops prevent dirt on cylinder
  • Cylinders with rounded edges to avoid traces on the compacted surface
  • Special construction allows compaction in narrow spaces
  • The safety switch protects the operator in case of accidental reversal movement
  • 65-liter, corrosion-resistant water tank
  • High-Thrust Steel Cylinder Guarantees Long Life
  • Full Hydraulic Operation Permits Variable Working Speed ​​and Vibration Variable
  • Compared to Mechanically-operated Roller Cylinders Does Not Require Regular Adjustments
  • The built-in oil cooler ensures good cooling thus prolonging both lifetime and cylinder productivity.
  • The innovative clutch allows the hydraulic pump to be disconnected, making it easier and less powerful to start the engine.
  • The engine can run idle during breaks, thus reducing fuel consumption and its temperature.
  • The narrow gripping system of the cylinder allows compactness near the edges, walls and other obstacles


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