• Model: BM1-3G Rated time for per cycle: 140s Max. size of pallet (mm): 550*350mm Power source: EY20-3D robin engine 3600r/min Total power: 2.6kW Total weight: 165kg Diemensions: 730*790*1500mm Block Nos per stroke (pcs): 460*230*230mm (1pcs) 100*200*80mm (4pcs) Capacity per day or 8hours (pcs): 460*230*230mm (200 pcs) 100*200*80mm (800 pcs)
    • payload:500kg lifting speed: 20m/min wire rope size: Dia.6mm max lifting height:30m power: Robin/Honda petrol engine Weight: Frame: 114kg Hoist: 65kg Balance: 250kg (Balance weight prepared by users)
    • Model: HBTS50-08-72R Max. pumping capacity:(m3/h) 68 Designed Max. pumping pressure: (MPa) 10 Type of distributing valve: S-Valve Power source: Deutz Diesel engine Diameter of hydraulic cylinder(mm) 100 Power:(kW) 72 Diameter of pumping cylinder(mm): 200 High-low pressure shifting switch; yes Capacity of hydraulic oil tank(L): 580 Capacity of hopper(m3): 0.8 Loading height of hopper(mm): 1380 Overall size (mm): 5900X2400X2100 Weight(kg): 5600
    • 4X4 SELF-LOADING MOBILE CONCRETE MIXER SELF LOADING TRANSIT MIXER SD1000M MOBILE MIXER Articulated frame, and reverse seat, Deutz engine 40KW, Drum capacity: 1000L, Mixed capacity: 500L, Unmixed capacity: 800L, 4*4 driving, four wheels: 12-16.5, Self-shovel capacity: 300L, Overall size(mm): 4500L 1800W 2600H Weight: 3500kg, Swivel tipping drum, 1.5inches water pump and 350L water tank.      
    • Model: SD30(FJ30) Payload: 3000Kg Capacity of bucket: 1.5m3 Drive type: 4×4 Max.speed: 25/28Km/h Grade ability: 36% Min.turning radius: ≤4.5m Dimensions: 3900×1800×1820/2600mm Weight: 2500Kg 4×4 driving articular frame with hydraulic steering China made F3L912 air cooled diesel engine with Deutz technology/NB485 water engineering diesel engine    
    • Model: SD15-11D(FCY15) Payload: 1500Kg Capacity of bucket: 0.75 m3 Drive type: 4×2 Max.speed: 22Km/h Grade ability: 21% Min.turning radius: ≤4m Overall size: 2795×1600×2060mm Weight: 1250Kg Hydraulic tipping hopper,electric starting engine,steel driver shield, full engine casing,luxury seat  
    • Model: RDCM500-16DH(JZR500) Capacity of loading: 750L Capacity of discharging: 500L Water tank: 140L Capacity per hour: 18-22 m3/h Drum rotating speed: 13r.p.m Max.towing speed: 20km/h Power: 16kW Power source: Diesel engine, CHANGFA or YANMAR Mixing time: 46s Dimensions: 3750×2240×3800mm Weight: 2050kg Hopper lifting model: Hydraulic tipping hopper  
    • Model: RDCM350-11D(JZR350) Capacity of loading: 500L Capacity of discharging: 350L Water tank: 110L Capacity per hour: 10-14 m3/h Drum rotating speed: 13r.p.m Max.towing speed: 20km/h Power: 11kW Power source: Diesel engine, CHANGFA or YANMAR Mixing time: 46s Dimensions: 3100×2320×3070mm Weight: 1850kg Hopper lifting model: Wire rope hoisting tipping hopper
    • Model: TDCM200-7D Power source: Diesel engine water cooled and radiator Unmixed capacity: 320L Mixed capacity: 200L Mixing time: 60s Drum speed: 20-22 r.p.m Engine power transmission: Chain Mechanical: Clutch drive Chassis: Heavy duty robust steel chassis Dimensions: 1930×2300×2950mm Weight: 1250kg
    • Model: TDCM175-6DB Capacity of loading: 280L Capacity of discharging: 175L Drum rotating speed: 20r.p.m Capacity per hour: 4.5 m3/h Powered of diesel engine: 8HP Power source: Diesel engine,single cylinder,water-cooled with radiator Max. towing speed: 20Km/h Dimensions: 3720×1160×1860mm Weight: 605Kg Power source is optional of Diesel engine/Petrol engine/Electric motor
    • Discharge volume: 100L~140L
      Drum   Capacity: 300L /350L/ 400L
      Weight: 270 kg
      Rotate   Speed: 3000 r/min
      Power: *4 kw motor
      *6hp d1esel engine
      *5.5hp   gasoline engine
      Mixing   drum speed: 25 r/min
      Loading   Quantity: 12sets/20', 26sets/40HQ
      Advantage:   Drum made by mould (Not welding), high performance and efficiency
    • Bending Diameter: round steel 6-50 mm,
       Working speed: 3-15 rpm
      Power: 4 kw motor
      Voltage: 380 V
      Rotating speed: 1440r / min
    • Bending Diameter: round steel 6-40 mm,
       Working speed: 5-10 rpm
      Power: 3 kw motor
      Voltage: 380 V
      Rotating speed: 1440r / min
    • Cutting Diameter: round steel 6-50 mm,
      square steel 6-42 mm
      Power: 4 kw motor
      Voltage: 380 V
      Rotating speed: 2880 r / min
      Weight: 560 kg
    • Cutting Diameter: round steel 6-40mm,
      square steel 6-32mm
      Power: 3 kw motor
      Voltage: 380V
      Rotating speed: 2880r / min
      Weight: 416kg
    • Easy and convenient moving with footbreak.
    • Steering handle for easy maneuverability
    • Robust Stainless steel mast provides longer life and easy maintance
    • Self-locking system on the mast ensures operator's safty
    • Multi-directed lights with flood illunmination offers better and wider light supply
    • Well-positioned rubber wheel to protect the generator from accidental damage
    • Ourtriggers secure the stability of the machine
    • The 360-degree rotating mast allows for the light adjustment while raised.